October 10, 2022 TVAH

3 Reasons to Schedule Your Pet’s Wellness Exam

Your dog or cat seems just fine, sleeping much of the day and playing or cuddling at other times. Plus, they’re an indoor pet and are rarely or never around other animals. So they’re probably fine, and you don’t need to attend an annual wellness exam, right?

Well, unfortunately, that isn’t the case. A pet can actually be developing a number of serious health conditions right under your nose, even ones that aren’t communicable (caught from another animal). They might seem perfectly fine, until suddenly one day they are not so fine. Pet health probably can sneak up on you, and become quite severe seemingly overnight.

When you attend your pet’s annual wellness exam (checkup), we will assess your pet for a number of common ailments, including (but not limited to) the following…

Potential for obesity. It’s easy to know when you’ve gained a few pounds. You’re getting dressed for work one morning, and notice that your pants are suddenly more difficult to button. But dogs and cats aren’t going to tell you their clothes aren’t fitting properly anymore, and you might not notice a gradual weight gain.

A regular weigh-in with your pet’s veterinarian can uncover the truth very quickly. And since weight is linked to a number of serious health concerns in pets, we want to catch this issue quickly and reverse the trend.

Dental issues. You might not notice your pet’s teeth on a day-to-day basis, either. But they can experience decay and gum issues just like humans, and dental issues can become very painful. A regular checkup will help us to assess your pet’s mouth and recommend dental treatments to keep them healthy and comfortable.

Parasites. Dogs and cats can harbor a number of parasites that you might never notice, but they can all harm your pet’s health over time. And yes, even indoor pets can get parasites! Each year we will check for heartworms, which are deadly, and other parasites like tapeworms that can cause problems.

Plus, a wellness exam is a great time to ask us questions about your pet’s behavior, so that we can help you address any problems. Healthy pets are happy pets, and happy pets mean satisfied owners! Make sure to schedule your pet’s annual wellness exam so that together we can take care of your favorite furry family member.


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