December 6, 2021 TVAH

5 Pet “Facts” That Are Actually Myths

As an enthusiastic animal lover, you probably enjoy discussing interesting topics regarding your pets. But did you know a lot of our “common knowledge” about pets is actually not always true… or even outright false?

These 5 “facts” are some of the more commonly cited ones, but we have evidence that contradicts them to varying degrees.

Dog mouths are cleaner than human mouths. We’re not sure exactly where this one got started. Dogs carry bacteria in their mouths, just as humans do. However, the mix of bacteria can be quite different. Species-specific infections won’t be transmitted to us, since we’re not dogs, and vice-versa. Perhaps the lack of vulnerability to certain bacteria was the original intent of the statement.

Dogs should have one litter of puppies before getting spayed. There is no evidence to support this claim as being beneficial to the dog in any way. In fact, spaying before the first heat actually reduces a dog’s likelihood of developing reproductive-linked conditions such as uterine infections and mammary tumors.

Cats always land on their feet. Cats do have a reflex that tends to help them land right-side-up, on their feet. But you can’t count on it, and falls can still cause injuries. Cats will often land on their sides if they fall from a low spot, because they don’t have time to right themselves. And if they fall from a very high place, landing on their feet doesn’t mean their feet and legs can’t be injured.

If a dog eats grass, he’s sick. Yes, this can sometimes be the case. However, some dogs simply enjoy nibbling at the grass, whereas others do it to fulfill a nutritional need that is lacking in their diets. When in doubt, give us a call to discuss this habit, and we can help you to determine whether it’s a sign of digestive troubles.

Dogs can only see in black and white. Actually, dogs can experience some colors. Our canine companions can only see blue, green, and yellow shades. And because their color vision is not as well-developed as ours, they don’t perceive the full range and vibrancy that their human friends do.

We hope you enjoyed learning a few fun facts about your pets. And as always, call us right away if you ever have any concerns about your dog or cat. We can examine them, answer your questions, and hopefully help you to feel better about any concerns.

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