February 20, 2020 TVAH

6 Signs Your Dog Might Be Sick

As we power through the rest of cold and flu season for humans, it might occur to you that your dog could also get sick. Yes, that’s definitely a possibility, but of course your dog can’t tell you if he’s feeling under the weather. He relies on you to notice cues from his behavior, and take him to the vet when necessary.

So, what are those cues?

Loss of appetite. Just like humans, dogs might lose their appetites when sick. If he has suddenly lost interest in his food, look for other symptoms of illness.

Upset stomach. This behavior is a bit more noticeable. If your dog is throwing up, you already know she might be sick. On the other hand, you might not notice diarrhea unless you keep close tabs on bowel movements. So if your pet is showing any of these other signs of illness, monitor bathroom breaks more closely.

Lack of energy. This is another symptom common to humans, so it shouldn’t surprise you. None of us feel like engaging in our usual activities when we get sick, and dogs really aren’t all that different!

Drooling or bad breath. You might not notice this sign if your dog normally drools, as some breeds tend to do. But if your dog suddenly begins drooling excessively, this can be a sign of illness or even poisoning.

Bad breath can be a sign of illness, or simply of a nutritional problem. We might need to adjust your dog’s food if halitosis has become a problem.

Panting. Obviously, dogs will pant more in the summer or after exercise. But if your pet suddenly begins acting anxious and panting for no other discernible cause, it could be that an illness or discomfort is making him nervous.

You “just know” something is off. You know your dog better than anyone! If something just seems “off”, give us a call. We will evaluate her health and help you figure out what’s wrong.

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