April 21, 2022 TVAH

7 Signs Your Pet Needs Dental Care

Humans aren’t the only ones who can experience dental problems. Like us, dogs and cats can experience cavities and gum disease, and need regular dental cleanings in order to prevent problems. These 7 signs will tip you off that it’s time to give us a call.

Excessive drooling. If your pet is drooling more often than usual, especially if the saliva is thick or has blood in it, call us right away.

Changes in eating habits. If your pet seems less interested in food lately, or appears to be in pain while eating, a toothache is a likely culprit.

Changes in behavior. Your dog or cat might simply seem “out of sorts”. This is understandable for any creature that is in pain. Look for the other signs on this list to determine if dental problems are a possibility.

Tartar. You might be able to spot yellow-brown buildup on your dog’s teeth. It’s not just unappealing; tartar leads to gum disease.

Their breath stinks. This can actually be a sign of numerous health problems, but dental issues would be top of the list.

Bleeding gums. This is almost always a sure sign of gum disease. You might see the gums bleeding or notice blood on toys and bedding.

Swelling. Any time you see swelling around the mouth and face, it could signal an infection that quickly becomes an emergency.

Luckily, just as with humans, dental problems in pets can be remedied with prompt medical treatment. But in the future, keep in mind that prevention is always easier, more convenient, and more affordable than curing these issues. Let’s schedule your pet for regular dental cleanings, and you can avoid the pain and hassle of addressing dental emergencies.

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