January 11, 2021 TVAH

8 New Year’s Resolutions for the Health of Your Pet

Technically, your pet is probably blissfully aware of things like calendars and dates. But he or she is a part of your family, and New Year’s resolutions are a tradition for many people. These resolutions can help you include your pet in the fun, and will help him or her stay healthy, too. 

Brush up on first aid facts. We’re always here for you in an emergency. But for some reason, pet emergencies seem to strike after hours or the middle of the night. While you’re getting in touch with us, it would be wise to know a few basic first aid practices to help your pet in the meantime. Check out the American Veterinary Medical Association website at AVMA.org

Exercise daily. This resolution is good for both you and your dog. Get out for a long walk daily, and be each other’s workout buddy. 

Schedule more playtime. Cats might not go on walks, usually, but they need exercise too. Schedule some regular playtime to keep your cat active and prevent boredom. 

Refresh the toy stash. On that note, clear out old, dirty, or broken toys (which can pose choking hazards). Buy a few new toys to keep life exciting for your pet. 

Schedule grooming time. Take the time to regularly groom your pet. It will reduce the amount of stray hairs floating about your house, and provides valuable bonding time as well. 

Measure your pet’s food. Learn about appropriate food serving sizes, and measure the correct amount each time you feed your pet. This one simple step will help you prevent obesity and related health problems in the future. 

Update your pet’s ID. Have you moved or changed phone numbers since you had your pet microchipped or registered? Update your records now, so that you’re easily reachable in the event that your pet is ever found away from you. 

Schedule a check-up. Like humans, pets need regular check-ups to keep them safe and healthy. If it’s been a while, call us to schedule a routine examination. We will discuss any questions you might have, and help you keep your pet healthy and happy. 

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