November 8, 2021 TVAH

A Guide to Making That Final, Most Difficult Decision

When we bring home a new pet, we all wish for a lifetime of memories with them. But of course, due to our natural life spans versus those of dogs and cats, we know that we will someday say goodbye to our faithful companions. Sometimes their deaths come at a natural time, due to age or illness, but at other times we must make that decision for them.

Deciding to help your pet gently end their life can be a distressing decision. You don’t want to see your pet suffer, but you also want to be certain that euthanasia is the right decision.

Step One: Schedule an appointment with us. We will evaluate your pet’s condition, and offer you an honest evaluation of their quality of life and comfort level. Generally speaking, euthanasia is not considered unless the chances of a recovery are slim or none, and/or the pet is of such advanced age that prolonging their life would only prolong pain and discomfort.

Step Two: Ask the right questions. Sometimes, asking the right questions serves to bring you peace of mind. You need to know that you investigated all of the possibilities and did everything you could for your pet. So make sure to ask…

  • What is my pet’s level of pain or stress?
  • What is their quality of life like?
  • Are any tests needed to confirm their condition?
  • Can I be in the room during the procedure? Can I bring the whole family?
  • What will happen to my pet’s remains?

And finally, don’t be shy about asking what we would do for our own pet in the same situation. Sometimes the answer to this question can be the most comforting of all.

Step Three: Prepare yourself. Remember, you know what’s going to happen next, but your pet doesn’t. They aren’t feeling the same stress and conflict that you feel. So try to remain calm for their sake, and spend time with them before the procedure. Offer them their favorite meal or treats, take your last photos, and spend plenty of time cuddling.

We can offer further instructions for the day of the procedure. Call us to discuss your pet’s end-of-life care, and we can help you during this difficult time.

And remember, even though you didn’t get to spend the rest of your life with your pet, they spent the rest of their life with you. That’s pretty special, and something to feel grateful for.

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