April 16, 2020 TVAH

Adopting a Pet? Take These Important Steps!

As more Californians “shelter in place”, many decided to put their free time to good use. Riverside County Animal Shelter announced last week that they had placed all of their adoptable pets for adoption! Other area shelters reported a similar increase in interest, as residents rushed to bring home a furry companion.

That’s great news for the shelter pets, who are surely glad to be accepted into loving homes. But of course, we did want to remind you of a few steps you should take when bringing home a new dog, cat, or other animal.

Check with your landlord. As tempting as it can be, never try to “sneak” a pet past your landlord. If discovered, both you and your pet could suffer the heartbreak of being forced apart. Or, you could face eviction and/or loss of your damage deposit.

Make sure you have room. If you’re adopting a dog, do you have a yard that is sufficient for play time? If you’ve selected a puppy, have you estimated his future size and needs?

And of course, you should make room in your budget as well. Aside from the adoption fee, you will be responsible for food, medical care, boarding expenses on occasion, and more. Will your budget reasonably accommodate these expenses for the long term?

Make a plan for going back to work. Our current way of life won’t last forever. Most of us will be relieved when life goes back to normal, but that will mean more time away from your pet. Will you be able to keep up with your dog’s walking routine, or will you need to hire a pet sitter? Cats are a bit more independent, but can get lonely as well. And if you’re opting for a more exotic pet, get yourself on a good care routine now – preferably one that will transition well when you go back to work.

Introduce new pets carefully. Moving to a new home can be stressful for animals. Keep new pets separated from others for a few days, so that they can gradually acclimate to both the home and to one another.

Come see us. Make an appointment to have your new cat or dog examined within the first week. We can check for any unseen health conditions, discuss food and behavior issues, and answer any questions you might have about your new pet.

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