June 23, 2022 TVAH

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!

You’ve heard the saying before, and it holds true for your pets too!

In the course of a day at an animal hospital, we do see a number of sick or injured pets. Helping dogs and cats recover from illness or accidents is part of what we do. But of course, we would rather see healthy pets and happy owners!

While some things in life are just inevitable, and bad things can happen no matter what we do, you can avoid many health issues for your pets by being proactive. Take these steps to keep your pets healthy and safe, and the odds are great that we won’t be seeing you during a stressful or upsetting time.

Follow a healthy diet. As with humans, pets who follow a healthy diet are more likely to remain an appropriate weight and resist many common diseases. Let’s discuss the right food and portion sizes for your pet at your next checkup. And remember that certain “human foods” are off limits for pets, and that treats should be offered sparingly.

Help your pet get exercise. Also like us, pets need regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. Daily walks help dogs stay physically active and mentally stimulated. Both dogs and cats need appropriate toys, and a climbing tower can encourage cats to engage in natural activities (and resist clawing your sofa).

Keep your pet indoors. As much as our pets crave the freedom of the great outdoors, that same freedom often leads to injury or premature death. Allowing your dog or cat to wander the neighborhood opens the door to all kinds of risks, from traffic incidents to accidental poisoning.

Get your pet chipped. Despite your best efforts, pets do sometimes escape outside. If your pet is chipped, the odds of finding them increase exponentially.

Come see us for regular checkups. Schedule annual physicals for your pet, so that we can discuss vaccinations, heartworm prevention, nutrition, testing for common diseases, and more. We will partner with you to keep your pet safe and healthy, and address any health issues if we do discover something going wrong.

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