April 17, 2019 TVAH

Bringing Your New Kitten Home, Safely

Spring carries some special meaning for most of us. For pet lovers, springtime means kitten season! While litters can be born at any time of year, we definitely see an explosion in the number of kittens available at this time of year. If you’re considering an adoption, follow these steps to bring your new “baby” home safely.

Use a carrier. Most cats can be unpredictable in vehicles, but most kittens have never experienced a car ride before. Make sure to take an appropriate carrier when you go to pick up your new pet.

Kitten-proof the house. Like human toddlers, kittens are curious and will get into almost anything. Plus, they can climb and fit into even smaller spaces than children. Lock up all medications, put away cleaning chemicals and pesticides, and investigate your houseplants. Some of them simply are not suitable for a home with kittens, who often experiment and nibble on just about anything.

Secure your exits, too. Remind children not to leave doors open, because a small kitten who gets outside can quickly become another animal’s prey.

Create a safe space. Kittens might be curious and active, but they can and will feel fear in a brand new environment. Make sure you’ve established a small, enclosed, and quiet area for Fluffy to retreat when she feels overwhelmed. Their food, water, bed, and litter box should be nearby this location (but don’t put food and litter box right next to one another; most cats don’t like this).

Purchase appropriate toys. A scratching post is a must, if you care at all about your furniture! Spend some time teaching Kitty how to use it. As for small toys, check them to be sure there are no detachable parts that could be easily swallowed.

Choose a high-quality food. Get a variety formulated specially for kittens, to ensure your new pet will be getting enough protein as she grows. We can make a recommendation, if you prefer.

Bring your new kitty to see us. We can examine her for any potential health problems, check for worms, screen for common diseases, and offer necessary vaccinations. And of course, we will answer all of your questions on kitten behavior and health, so that you’re well informed and able to offer your pet a good start in life.


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