January 9, 2023 TVAH

Does Your Cat Need Dental Care?

The thought of taking your cat to the dentist might seem amusing, but cats actually can develop dental problems just like people. Of course, you won’t actually take your cat to a dentist; your veterinarian can help you out. If you notice any of the following signs in your cat, you should suspect a dental problem such as gum disease or cavities and call us for an appointment right away.

Drooling. Whereas drooling can be normal in many dogs, cats rarely drool unless something is wrong.

Messy eating habits. If you notice your cat dribbling food out the side of her mouth while chewing, it’s probably because that side is causing her pain.

Pawing at the mouth. Cats do wash their faces with their little paws (and it’s adorable). But if it seems like your kitty is grooming himself excessively, it might be because of pain or discomfort that is bothering him.

Swelling around the face. This is a sign of dental problems that have progressed quite a bit and could represent an emergency.

Grumpy disposition. Anyone in pain will feel grumpy, and cats are no different. Of course, that pain could be coming from anywhere, but if you notice other signs on this list, we would suspect dental problems.

Kitty seems dirty. Cats normally groom themselves to stay clean. But if your cat seems to have given up on personal hygiene, it could be because the licking hurts.

Blood. If you notice blood around your cat’s mouth, or on their bedding or toys, this is a very concerning sign.

Keep in mind that dental problems can start slowly and progress very gradually. You might not see any of the above signs of trouble until a cavity or gum disease has become quite severe.
Since preventing problems is always preferable to curing them, remember to ask us about regular dental cleanings for your cat. We can ward off painful dental issues before they ever start.

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