June 20, 2023 TVAH

Should I Feed My Cat Wet Food or Dry Food?

In some ways, our pets are not that different from us. We all have our own particular food preferences, and your cat probably has theirs! Just like us, cats need sound nutrition in order to stay healthy and maintain their weight. You understandably want to provide them with a nutritious diet, while also catering a bit to their individual tastes.

That’s why many cat owners often find themselves asking, “Should I feel my cat wet food or dry food?” As with many questions, the answer can be, “It depends.”

Does your cat drink enough? Many cats are finicky about their water bowls, or simply the water itself. And because of all this pickiness, cats can be notoriously bad at hydrating themselves. If you’re concerned that your cat doesn’t drink enough water, offering wet food can be one way to boost their hydration.

Does your cat have a troublesome tummy? Some cats react more strongly to changes in their diets, and diarrhea can be the result. For these cats, the occasional treat of wet food can be messy and uncomfortable (not to mention smelly). If you do want to give your cat wet food, do it in small amounts and do it regularly. This will help their digestive system to adjust.

Does your cat have any health issues? For example, chronically overweight cats often need a prescription diet. Or if your cat is experiencing tooth pain, a thorough dental cleaning is necessary, and in the meantime wet food will probably be more comfortable for them to eat. Sometimes neutered male cats experience buildup of crystals in their urinary tract, that can lead to painful urination or even dangerous blockages. These cats need a specific type of wet food.

In the above cases, and in certain other situations, wet food is necessary for medical reasons. For other cats, wet food is simply a preference. And that brings us to our last question…

Does your cat like it? Some cat owners want to offer wet food simply because their cat appears to love it. In that case, go ahead! Just remember to offer a small amount at first, to see how their digestive system reacts. As with all foods, choose a nutritionally balanced one.

Need to discuss your cat’s diet? We’re happy to help. Let’s talk about nutrition at your next checkup, so we can keep your cat healthy and happy both now and in the future.

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