April 11, 2022 TVAH

Should You Adopt a Senior Cat?

So, you’ve decided to add a cat to your household. If you’re like most people, you immediately picture an adorable kitten bouncing around and entertaining you. But a kitten isn’t actually right for all households. In some cases, an older cat is the better choice. Why?

For starters, kittens must learn your rules and expectations like any other household pet. They often claw up the furniture, jump up onto the countertops, and race around the house like maniacs at 4 in the morning. An older cat is more likely to have learned about scratching posts, and they appreciate a good night’s sleep. 

Litter box training is another benefit of older cats. If you adopt from a shelter or through a personal ad, you can inquire about your new pet’s bathroom habits (including their preferred litter). Most older cats have been using a litter box for years, and a few are even toilet trained. Kittens, on the other hand, might take some time to learn the bathroom rules. 

When you adopt an older cat, you can offer a stable home to a pet that has spent months or years in a shelter. How happy do you think your new pet will be to come home with you?! 

And finally, senior cats are calmer and frequently seek affection. If you want a loving companion who is likely to spend hours on your lap, an older cat is the way to go. 

Of course, adopting a senior cat does come with one obvious drawback: Some have health conditions that require special food, lifestyle modifications, or medications. When you adopt a senior cat from a shelter, they probably will have received a full medical workup so that you know about these issues. But it’s a good idea to bring your new pet to see us, so that we can double check their health and inform you of any conditions that require management. 

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