October 28, 2021 TVAH

What Happens at a Routine Veterinary Exam?

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We’re always here for you in the event of a sudden health problem or emergency with your pet. But so much of pet healthcare revolves around the routine veterinary exams that we encourage you to schedule annually. During these exams we can detect numerous early signs of health problems and offer you routine preventive care that will ward off dangerous and complicated conditions.

In fact, the routine veterinary exam is the most important thing you can do to keep your pet healthy and safe. So, the word “routine” might be misleading! It sounds mundane, yes, but the routine veterinary exam will accomplish all of the following:

  • We check your pet’s weight, to assess their growth and risk of obesity-related health conditions
  • We take your pet’s temperature
  • We check your pet’s heart rate and respiratory rate
  • We check your pet’s mucus membranes (they should be pink in a healthy pet)
  • We assess your pet’s dental health and offer routine cleanings or treatments to keep your pet’s oral health in top shape
  • We observe your pet’s skin condition to check for allergies, dietary problems, fleas and ticks, and other issues that can harm their health
  • We check your pet’s coat, as coat condition can offer clues to overall health
  • We make sure your pet’s eyes and ears seem to functioning normally
  • We observe your pet’s range of motion to detect unknown injuries or conditions like arthritis
  • We check the health of your pet’s lymph nodes and internal organs
  • We listen to your pet’s heart and lung sounds
  • We will review your pet’s vaccination history and offer boosters for potentially serious or fatal conditions, such as rabies
  • We test for intestinal parasites that, left untreated, can seriously harm or kill your pet
  • We offer preventive treatment for heartworms
  • We might perform routine blood work to screen for certain health conditions
  • We will discuss your pet’s diet to ensure they are receiving proper nutrition according to their needs
  • We answer your questions about your pet’s behavior and anything else that might concern you

As you can see, these “routine” exams sound simple, but are actually quite complex! We can determine a lot about your pet’s health in the course of one office visit. More importantly, we can prevent many of the more common and serious health conditions that can cause your pet pain or discomfort or shorten their life.

If you haven’t scheduled a routine veterinary exam this year, give us a call. Staying consistent with these visits is the easiest and best way to ensure a long, happy life for your pet.

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