May 25, 2023 TVAH

What is Your Cat’s Tail Trying to Tell You?

Whether sweet or spunky, cats are known for being emotional and sometimes dramatic creatures. You might often wonder what in the world your cat is even thinking. Well, it might interest you to know that you can actually tell a lot about your cat’s inner thoughts and feelings by observing their tail!

Cats express a lot of their thoughts and feelings through body language, and in particular, use their tails to communicate with both us and other cats. Look for these common signs and you can decode your cat’s tail language.

A question mark. When your cat holds his tail up and slightly curved at the top, like a question mark, he might be feeling somewhat cautious about his environment. That’s not to say that he’s scared or upset, but he might need a bit of reassurance to feel comfortable.

Straight up. If you see a cat walking around with her tail held straight up, she’s feeling confident and relaxed. This is a cat who is probably receptive to petting and interaction. And if her tail is quivering, she’s happy that you’re around!

Down and low. When a cat holds their tail down and low to the ground, they are probably feeling scared or submissive. If the tail is taught, he might become aggressive.

Flicking and swishing. This tail language can signal emotions ranging from curiosity (as when watching birds through a window) or playfulness (such as when another cat is nearby). But when the flicking or swishing is very strong and paired with something potentially obnoxious (such as a small child bothering the cat) this tail language can be a warning of annoyance and possible aggression in the near future.

As always, we want to help you understand your pets so that you can keep them happy and healthy. If any type of cat behavior is concerning you, please give us a call so that we can sort it out.

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