May 7, 2020 TVAH

Why Is My Dog So Smelly?

You love him as much as any other member of your family… but why does Rover smell so bad? You’ve probably noticed that some dogs are more smelly than others. And if yours is one of the stinkier variety, you might be wondering whether the odor is a sign of a health problem. You also want to know what you can do about it.

Rover just won’t bathe. Nearly all cats can be quite particular about their cleanliness. Dogs, on the other hand, can range from neat freak to total slob. And if you happen to share your home with a canine who enjoys rolling around in mud (or worse) it’s unlikely he’ll change his mind simply because you ask nicely.

While there are some behavioral management techniques that can help you train better manners into your furry friend, in the meantime you might just have to bathe him more often. And, of course, restrict his activities to those that don’t completely gross you out.

Is it his breath? Doggy halitosis is often due to periodontal disease. A proper dental cleaning can help remedy the situation. We urge you to take care of this problem quickly, before the disease advances and your dog suffers tooth loss, pain, and effects to internal organ health.

What about his ears? If you notice a particularly foul odor around Fido’s ears, it’s possible he’s suffering from an ear infection. Other indications of an ear infection include excessive head shaking and scratching. If you have reason to suspect an ear infection, please seek medical attention right away.

It could be atopic dermatitis. If your dog is allergic to something in their environment (such as pollen, grass, mold, or fleas) itchy skin might manifest as one of the primary symptoms. The chronic inflammation, hives, and discharge often emit a certain odor.

A run-in with a skunk. If your dog is suddenly more stinky than usual, it’s possible he suffered an altercation with a skunk. A solution of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap can help reduce the smell.

Dietary distress. As with humans, a dog’s tummy sometimes does not agree with his food. If your pet seems extra gassy or is burping more, then a change in diet might be in order.

For help diagnosing the source of your dog’s unfortunate odor, give us a call. Sometimes the situation can be resolved with more frequent grooming, but in other cases a medical problem is to blame. We can help you pinpoint the underlying cause and work quickly to protect your pet’s health.


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