February 14, 2023 TVAH

Yes, Your Dog Needs a Wellness Routine Too

When it comes to health conditions, we know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s why most of us humans engage in regular wellness activities, to keep ourselves feeling good and ward off the development of serious health risks. It’s probably no surprise to hear that your dog could benefit from the same type of preventive care!

The choices you make for your pet on a daily basis will impact his health and longevity. And because we know you want your furry companion to be with you for a long time, we recommend that you incorporate the following into your dog’s wellness routine.

A healthy diet. Your dog needs a certain mix of nutrients, like protein, depending upon his age and activity level. And if he develops any particular health conditions as he ages, we should re-evaluate his food and choose a new one.

Another thing to remember is quality. The pet care market provides a wide range of food options, but they’re certainly not all created equally. Just as in humans, cheaper and lower-quality food will probably lead to less healthy results. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. Let’s discuss your nutrition options at your dog’s next check-up.

Exercise. Weight maintenance is the most obvious benefit of exercise, because we know that carrying excess weight is linked to a number of health conditions in dogs. Aside from that, regular and varied exercise keeps your dog’s mind engaged, prevents boredom, and can help to resolve some behavior issues. And it’s great for bonding, too. Schedule regular exercise with your pet and mix it up to keep it interesting.

Herbs and supplements. Always consult with us before attempting any herbal or other nutritional supplements, because dogs might be allergic to some things that are perfectly safe in humans. But yes, holistic type treatments can sometimes be appropriate for canines.

Regular check-ups and preventive treatments. Remember to visit us annually, or any time you have a new concern for your pet. At your dog’s check-ups we will examine and treat him for worms, discuss flea prevention, answer your questions about diet and behavior, and check his teeth for signs of decay or gum disease. Keeping a regular check-up schedule is the best way to prevent serious health conditions in your pet, or spot certain problems earlier so that treatment is more effective.

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