October 17, 2019 TVAH

Your Dog Needs Dental Cleanings, Too!

Sometimes clients are surprised by this fact, but yes, your pet needs dental cleanings too! As with humans, plaque can build up on the surfaces of canine or feline teeth over time. When this sticky, colorless film isn’t removed, over time it will harden into plaque. At this point the deposits cannot be removed except by dental techniques, and if left untreated can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

In other words, a dog or cat’s mouth is not all that different from humans.

Naturally, you wish to spare your pet the pain of tooth loss and gum disease, which is why we recommend regular dental cleanings for them.

Just check out these startling before (left) and after (right) photos!

During your pet’s dental cleaning, they are placed under general anesthesia and monitored for their safety. This helps us to thoroughly examine a dog or cat’s teeth, scale them to remove tartar, polish to remove microscopic scratches, and perform any other necessary dental procedures.

“So, can’t I just brush my dog or cat’s teeth at home?” We are often asked this question. Actually, yes, brushing your pet’s teeth at home can help to keep their teeth healthy. But just as with humans, a regular cleaning is still needed to ensure complete removal of plaque and tartar. It can be difficult or impossible to reach some areas of the teeth without sedation and a professional cleaning.

Sometimes, periodontal (gum) disease is so advanced that one or more teeth must be removed for your pet’s safety and comfort, and to prevent spread of the infection which can occasionally contribute to more serious health complications. We will address these needs with you on a case-by-case basis.

If you’ve noticed that your pet seems to experience discomfort chewing, or you can spot visible plaque build-up, they are likely overdue for a dental assessment. Give us a call. We will discuss your pet’s dental health at your next appointment, and advise you on ways to keep his or her teeth healthy in between dental cleanings.

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